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Conveyorized Powder Coating System

Performance Powder Inc. uses a customized conveyor powder coating system for superior performance and speed. In order to ensure quality and adhesion, a 6 stage pretreatment washer cleans and etches the surface of the material. Using proprietary techniques, a film thickness of 6 to 8 mils and up to three coats of powder can be achieved in one run. The system is one of the largest in Southern California. We have the capacity to handle some of the largest parts and highest volume. No matter what the project, PPI has the experienced personnel to develop custom racking solutions to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

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High throughput

By utilizing processes refined over many years, PPI is able to have extreme density on extrusions and other parts.

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High Skill

With our professionally trained painters PPI can target hard to reach areas such as faraday cages to ensure full coverage on any surface.

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High Standards

PPI's total quality system allows for both highly cosmetic consumer products and functionality for industrial customers. Each process is refined to ensure satisfaction.

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High Yield

PPI's proprietary system allows for multiple coats. This allows for significant cost savings on primered products, castings, and hot dipped galvanized materials.

Batch Powder Coating System

Performance Powder Inc. has the ability to coat large parts using our batch powder coating system. We can coat product up to 60' in length in our oven. We have over 50 years of combined experience in our batch operation. We are able to fabricate racks onsite and can coat objects in all different configurations. We perform all necessary preparation and pretreatment to ensure a high quality and durable coating. We can also mask areas to keep them free from powder or apply different colors to the same product. Our batch is located on site for convenience and cost savings. Call us to find out more about our batch capabilities or quoting information.

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Onsite Sandblasting

Conveyor Chain

With onsite sandblasting your entire project can be coated at our facility without delay. Performance Powder Inc. adheres to SSPC standards, and trained personnel ensure each piece is ready for coating. Sandblasting parts removes contaminates and irregularities, so superior adhesion can be achieved resulting in a more durable and long-lasting finish.

Project Management

Performance Powder Inc. can help you plan and manage your next project. With decades of combined experience we can ensure your project is delivered on time and correct. We can assist in identifying fabrication issues that can lead to a substandard coating as well has assist with logistics and material types. We care about the finish as much as you do, so identifying issues early in the process ensures they can be eliminated or mitigated. As your partner in business we want to make sure you get the best coating for your application. Reach out to our knowledgeable sales staff today.


Performance Powder Inc. has developed additional capabilities over the years to take advantages of vertically integrating support processes. We are constantly looking for improvements to support our customers and be a one stop shop for all your powder coating needs. Contact us to find out more.


From the highly cosmetic to the high functionality, Performance Powder Inc. has the experience and professionals to get the job done right. Our quality system can give you peace of mind that extreme care will be taken with every project. We inspect all products as it arrives and work with your QC team to make sure all issues are addressed in a timely manner. PPI has expertly trained professionals to read prints and mask highly functional and cosmetic parts. Capabilities include masking over gold, silver, and other functional plating to ensure these areas are powder free. We also can mask with multiple colors to increase the aesthetic of your project. We are able to mask multiple surfaces and threads and can protect areas prior to sandblasting or other processes. From airplane interiors to satellite parts, we craft each solution to fit the needs of our clients.

Architectural Coatings

As a certified applicator for architectural grade coatings you can rest assured that you will have a cosmetically pleasing and long-lasting product. We are able to meet AMAA 2604 and AMAA 2605 standards for exterior applications. Our 6 stage washer ensures all material is pretreated to accept fluoropolymer coatings and is calibrated twice daily. We have decades of experience applying high functional coatings and can ensure your coating will last.


Our conveyorized powder coating system allows for large fence panels to be coating quickly and efficiently saving costs and time. By coating fence panels on our conveyor line we can ensure they are properly pretreated. We also specialize in coastal environments and can build up to 8 mils and three coats on a single run. This allows for high functional fencing in corrosive salt air that are cosmetically beautiful at very competitive prices. We take pride in our quality and as your partner in business we want to ensure your product gets the coating it deserves.


PPI works with OEM and aftermarket automotive suppliers and can achieve highly cosmetic and durable coatings. We give the same attention to detail for all our customers ranging from large multinationals to smaller aftermarket manufacturers. By using PPI we can help identify known issues that can elevate your quality levels while meeting your price point. In such a competitive space we take pride in manufacturing and metal finishing in the United States and work tirelessly to constantly improve.

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